About Me

I am an IT Professional, currently working for the University of Michigan DNA Sequencing Core as the IT Project Manager / Developer.

Working for the DNA Sequencing Core, gave me the unique opportunity to explore and experiment with Perl web and command line applications on a daily basis.

Perl is a very powerful language. When I first started learning Perl, I had a hard time finding up-to-date resources and as a result, I decided to write my own Perl blog to share my experiences with the fellow developers and Perl enthusiasts.

I hope you can find the information you are looking for.

My Professional Priorities

As an IT professional, my first priority is always my clients. This might sound like a cliche but let me explain! When I say my "Clients", I refer to all stakeholders of a software product.

A software is a complicated construct that can bring people from cross-departments, chairs, or units depending on your organizational structure. Different people might have different expectations from the software and as a developer, my first priority is to understand and analyze these needs and then create a software product according to all the input.

A software is only as successful as it is as useful! I think it is very important that the software can satisfy all users' needs. This can be assured by communication between the stakeholders of the software project. Miscommunication or lack of communication is almost always the main cause of projects going out of scope, time and budget limitations. As an experienced developer, I value analysis and communication over rushing to build something that may or may not work for all stakeholders of the project.

In conclusion, my clients and addressing their needs is always my first priorities.


Need Consultation?

I provide private consultation for clients of any size. Please feel free to contact me for more information.


Omer G. Kocaoglu